A dubious trader dies of a medical drug overdose administered by his physician Nehesy. A clear case, or so it seems. Nehesy is sentenced to five years in the stone pits—which few survive. However, the condemned man's daughter Ouseret, a doctor herself, believes her father is innocent.

Eager to win his beloved's heart, Hori jumps at the chance to acquit Nehesy. Together with Nakhtmin and Mutnofret, he travels to Waset where the ominous death occurred. What looks like a simple investigation turns out to be an intricate puzzle with far more than business gone awry at its heart. Had the trader duped the wrong people? What role does the beautiful maid Nofru play?

Soon more corpses turn up in Hori and Nakhtmin's path, while Ouseret keeps some information to herself. Until their own lives are at stake…

ISBN-13: 978-1542641050



The Bitter Taste of Death as paperback and ebook available at Amazon. The  print edition is also at Barnes&Noble and pretty much any online bookstore.