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Hi, I'm Kathrin Brückmann. Born 1966 in Mainz, Germany, I spent most of my youth in Bremen. Since 1985, I live in Berlin.


Quite early, I developed an interest in the history of Ancient Egypt. In consequence, I chose to study the exotic combination Egyptology, Archaeology and Judaism.


After giving birth to two children, realization dawned on me that digging Egypt top to bottom and being a single parent might not go together all too well. So I tried something different.


In 2011, I started writing and, in doing so, returned to my roots. The novel Sinuhe, Sohn der Sykomore (Sinuhe, Son of the Sycamore, so far only available in German) is about a young Egyptian scribe in Twelfth Dynasty Egypt and tells the famous story of Sinuhe as recorded on numerous papyri. The book was received so well, I decided to become a freelance writer. Some short stories in various genres followed my debut novel, one of which won a writing contest by a well-known publisher.


Since writing is a fickle business, I also work as an editor in Berlin. This was how I came to know Edith Parzefall and her novels. Soon I fell in love with her funny and quick-witted style of writing and also read some of her English novels. One day she offered me a deal: In exchange for her translation of one of my short stories I should look for typos in her latest novel. Well, why not? Good decision, I simply love what she did with my story! Our combined styles fit together like a well-worn glove over the owner's hand.


In 2013, I developed the concept for a historical mystery series about two young physicians investigating murders and other crimes in Ancient Egypt—not exactly of their own free will. Apprenticed to Anubis is the first novel in this series.

The idea of Edith translating it lurked at the back of our minds. Still, I didn't think it would ever come true. One day, when she was between books and awaiting a work project, she decided to make a stab at it, no guarantees. Daily word count progress mails kept me hopeful. And she did finish the project in two months, not knowing if it will ever pay.

This is where you come into play, dear readers! You liked the novel? Tell your friends. You want a sequel? Tell even strangers.

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