About me, Kheper, the ut

Sorry, no photo of me, or rather of my mummy. I'm the ba soul of a millenia old ut. (That's an embalmer if your parents haven't taught you the important stuff.) What? You don't know what a ba soul ist? Oh my. It's the part of my soul that left the body after my death and now roams freely. Well, I do return to my body entombed in Egypt, mostly to feast on the food left in front of it. Hm, come to think of it, that hasn't happened for a long time. I guess I'll have to send Kathrin and Edith down there to bring me something.  But likely they'll just get lost in the desert and what would I do then? Train new servants?


Oh, that reminds me of the day when Hori knocked on the gate of the weryt. *cackle*  Well, it was rather a Medjay who knocked and shoved him into the walled-off embalming compound. So young and ignorant. Tut-tut. But the boy did have nimble fingers. I sure would have liked to see him married to my daughter Nut, but the fellow couldn't let go of life outside the weryt.


Hm, you wanted to learn more about me? Sorry, what happens, or rather happened, in the weryt stays in the weryt. Not even a ba soul with access to the Internet is allowed to betray the most secret of secrets.

No cackle, sorry. I mean it!