In Maat’s Service - The Series

Well, two books don't quite make a series yet, but volume 3 is in the making and more story ideas are playing out in the back of the author's mind, centering around two young doctors.


In Apprenticed to Anubis Hori and Nakhtmin are fresh graduates from the House of Life in Itj-Tawy. Hori's father is the pharaoh's treasurer, while Nakhtmin originates from the Upper Egyptian province and a humble family. Their casual friendship intensifies when Hori is sentenced to life at the House of Death although he is innocent.

 These two unlikely protagonists are forced to investigate serial killings. Hori is cheeky and intelligent but confined to the embalming compound weryt. Nakhtmin is awkward, shy and desperate. He almost lets the vizier bribe him to testify against his friend. But he's also Hori's only agent in the world of the living—which, of course, nobody must find out. What happens in the weryt must stay in the weryt!


That rule doesn't change in Shadows of the Damned, much to Nakhtmin's chagrin. He and Hori have been promoted to palace physicians and could lead a comfortable life in the residence if there weren't those vile shadows encroaching.


In The Bitter Taste of Death our heroes travel to Waset, the Southern City. Nakhtmin wants recupertion for his ailing wife, while Hori yearns for the tall physician Ouseret who lives in the south. Finding the true murderer of trader Merwer should be the key to her heart, since her father has been found guilty of this crime. But nothing is as it seems in Waset, not even the seemingly easy to solve murder mystery.


In Maat's Service delivers historical fiction with suspense, mystery and humor while you're whisked away to ancient Egypt.