Principal Characters


Historical persons are set in bold characters, followed by pronunciation pointers in parenthesis and the translation of the names in italics. The letter combination ‘th is pronounced like an aspirated ‘t’.




Senusret III. (Senusret) – husband of goddess Ouseret


A ruler spurred by a bird.



Hori and his family


Hori – name of god Horus


Has to prove someone's innocence.


Sobekemhat (Sobek-em-hat) – Sobek is at the top


Hori's father and the vizier, but not wise.



Nakhtmin and his family


Nakhtmin (Nakht-min) – Min is strong


Wants to protect his wife.


Mutnofret (Mut-nofret) – (the goddess) Mut is beautiful


Has a mind of her own.



On the way


Djehutihotep (Dshehuti-hotep) – Thot is content


A nomarch wanting to elevate himself.


Seneb – the healthy one


His chamberlain proud to look up at his master.



In Waset


Ouseret – the mighty one


Desirable nag who remains silent.


Nehesy – Nubian


Her father who suffers under her silence.


Meseh – crocodile


Basket maker, who rarely keeps silent.


Antef – He who brings his father along


Nomarch of Waset, for whom silence is worth gold.


Amunhotep – Amun is content


First prophet of Amun in Waset and too old to keep silent any longer.


Hereret – flower and Hapi – name of the river god


Silent servants in Hori and Nakhtmin's house, but only there.


Ipuwer (Ipu-wer) – the big one from Ipu (old name for the Min nome)


A doctor who makes Ouseret break her silence.


Merwer – the much loved


A tradesman on the go, who promises a lot.


Sanefer – beautiful son


Merwer's son who doesn't think his methods very promising.


Satnefert – beautiful daughter


Merwer's daughter, whose promise is lifted by his death.


Ankhes-Nit – She lives for the goddess Neith


His wife, who lives on his promises.


Nofru – Beauty


His servant, very promising in many regards.


Ini – Gift


Sells Merwer's goods and hopes for the promised reward.


Wahka – with a steady ka, Heny – sedge


Merwer's tenants, who keep silent at first then say too much.


Seni – my brother


A registrar about to regret his corruptability.


Kawab – Pure ka


Prophet of Khons, corruptingly disloyal.


Bakenamun (Bak-en-Amun) – servant of Amun. Principal of the House of Life zn Waset.


Neferhotep – beautiful and content. Physician at the House of Life in Waset.


Amunmose – Born by Amun. Head of the archive.


Sarenput – Son of the years.. Nomarch of Ta-Seti.


Senusretankh – May Senusret live. Principal of the hemu-netjer of Amun.