Guess what they've done now! They put my book on "special". Of course I first thought this might be a great honor until I found out the price has been set so low that Apprenticed to Anubis will be sold for like nothing at all. Only 0.99 cents the first day. That's like the tiniest crumb of a copper deben. Doesn't even buy you a mug of beer. Then the price goes up each day until it's back to normal, and we can actually see the copper piece we get in return without using a magnifying glass. Let's hope not many people will notice the book today, so they can buy later at a less ridiculous price.

Edith grumbles that it's all about gaining visibility and nothing to be ashamed of. Visibility! Believe me I know all about the lack of visibility. I am invisible. It's very convenient. Harumph, shut up, Edith. No, keep typing. Not when I'm talking to you, yokel! Okay, okay, I admit I kinda like the visibility I'm getting here. Satisfied now? Stop giggling and start behaving. Where are you going?

By Seth's balls, I had to beg her to come back. Can you believe it? Now, what was I going to say? Ah, yes. Keep me in the loop how many people will actually buy the book at such an embarrassingly low price. *Sigh* Of course they'll love it. If not, they should be sent to the weryt. That did Hori a lot of good.


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