About time too!

Finally, Edith is back and stooped to show up here. She babbles about jetlag that kept her away. A jaded leg, or what? Then she goes on about the United Staates where she told people about my book. I guess she means Upper and Lower Egypt. Why didn't she take me along? I'd have liked to visit my birthplace again. She could have let me sneak onto her laptop or the thin slab that can tell my story in wiggly squiggles. Instead she runs off and upon her return weaves this threadbare tale of two big lumps of land that hadn't been discovered yet in my time and my world. Tut-tut.

I wonder where Hori and Nakhtmin's ba souls are hanging out. If we'd gang up on Kathrin and Edith, we might be able to whisper some sense into their silly hearts. Maybe I should refer to Apprenticed to Anubis as Hori & Nakhtmin's adventure in the future, might make them drop by. I hear there are some search deamons in these realms that snatch up words and bring them to other puters, where people can read them.

Disgruntled greetings from a long-neglected, long-suffering Kheper

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