Strange things going on behind my back

Edith says she doesn't have much time to write what I'm telling her because in less than a moon cycle she'll be flying to another continent so she can talk to Americans about my story.  Well, officially it's Hori and Nakhtmin's story, but if you've read the book, you know well enough who's the real protagonist.

Anyway, I think she's making fun of me. I know for sure she has no wings. When I called her on her lie, she said she'd fly on a winged bark. Surrrre, with solar god Ra at the rudder, I guess. Pull the other one, it's got wings on.

Why is she giggling as she types these puter glyphs? What a strange world. Why did I sign up for eternal life? If only I'd known back in the days. I'd have told my colleague embalmers to burn my body and spread the ashes in the mountains of the Beautiful West.

Edith cackles and I'm at a loss. Maybe I'll fly home and see if someone left food at my tomb.

Yours truly,


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